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03/31/09 04:21 PM #29    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

I remember the fruit machine. Haven't thought about it in years. LOL

04/02/09 12:49 AM #30    

Wendy Francis (Pecos)

The fruit machine was great. I ate a large red delicious apple every day. Boy, they were good.

04/09/09 10:49 PM #31    

Kathy Krall (Macoubrie)

I remember the little lunch pizzas from Junior High and the brownies. I couldn't always get them because my mom made me pack a lunch usually but when I had money that's what I ate...

04/09/09 11:21 PM #32    

Theresa Silva (Dyjak)

Happy Easter everyone!
Plan on joining some freinds
for a pinic out at El Monte Park.
Don't eat too much candy.
Be careful of the rotten eggs.
May you have a wonderful day!

04/10/09 02:20 AM #33    

Wendy Francis (Pecos)

How about the cake from jr high? the marble cake, yum. And definitely the pizza. And they would ALWAYS put the cake slice, frosting side down, on top of the pizza.

05/11/09 09:52 AM #34    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Wendy, you are so right about the cake. Always saved the fosting for last...the BEST part! So glad to see new people on here...would love to have you all on Facebook, too!

08/31/09 12:18 PM #35    

Kandy Brooks (Hilliard)

Has anyone seen or heard from Patti Grove? I attempted a few years ago to track her down but never had any luck.

09/30/09 04:27 PM #36    

Deborah Gebhart (Mires)

Ok i didn't know this page even existed!! How dumb do i feel!!
I remember Mr Hummelman!!! did he pass or somethin??? He was my drivers ed instructor and he was strict!!! I felt if i made any kind of mistake he would throw me out of the car!!! But i guess that's the way he needed to be for all of us crazy teen's he was dealin with!

Anyone out there an "office girl" in those days? That was my favorite time at school, i loved all the staff that i worked for, they were great!
I just can't believe it's been 30 years ago!

10/02/09 11:01 AM #37    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Oh, Debbie, don't feel bad...evidentally many of us haven't found this page. It was really busy here for a while.

10/02/09 05:34 PM #38    

Debbie Soden (Dale)

Hey Debbie,
Yep, I was an "office girl" our Senior year...the easiest "class" I ever took!

10/24/09 07:57 PM #39    

Kathy Krall (Macoubrie)

I am getting excited for the reunion! I can't wait to see all of you there. I am even more excited for La Bellas pizza!!!

11/04/09 01:30 PM #40    

Michael Wong

Don't feel bad...I didn't know this page existed either...Yup getting ready for this Saturday. I have to work during the day because we are so backed up in my department, but I will be off by 4 so I will get there on time.
Gerald Lew and Jeff Llera and I were in the same driving class, I think we are the only ones ever to be run over by a back hoe during driver's training. Our instructor was Mr. Anderson. (Takes on a whole new meaning since they made the Matrix movies!)
Screamed like a girl... we just saw a huge wheel coming at us then "BOOM" the back window explodes. We were in a brown Ford Granada. What memories... Oh yeah Deb, I was an "office boy" also had a lucrative off campus and return slip business in my locker... I had the B.S. initials down to a science...

11/08/09 07:03 AM #41    

James Reed

It was great to see everyone at the reunion.....
so many of you look the same. has it really been 30 years?
it was fun remembering some of the crazy stuff we did back in the day!
I think we should plan some get togethers more often...
we had a great student body.

p.s. thanks sergio for the fun after party!!!

11/11/09 03:22 PM #42    

Lori Lott (Lumgair)

Was a little disappointed with the survey, was hoping names went with the answers, a little hard to guess who said what.
Sounds like people had fun. I'll be in town for Thanksgiving if anyone wants to say hi. Same old phone # and address.

11/12/09 03:34 PM #43    

Robert Cuevas

I had a great time at the reunion, I talked to a quite a few people and really enjoyed myself. There were a couple of people that I really wanted to talk to but by the time I realized it the night was over. I am still smiling from conversations I had, 30 years goes by quickly. Class of 79' rules!

12/22/09 10:06 AM #44    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you :)

12/23/09 12:53 PM #45    

Brian Carlson (Doig)

Same to you and yours!

01/21/14 01:26 PM #46    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Just stopped by to see what was going on... Howdy all laugh

07/09/14 12:25 PM #47    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Wanted to post on here in hopes that any of you that haven't heard, our 35th reunion is coming up in September!  This will be the first one I have been able to attend, and I am hoping to see many familiar faces...a lot of catching up to do after 35 years, don't you think. Wendy Francis Pecos is handling the arrangements, and doing a fine job, I must say...she has all the info, and there's an event page on Facebook...just ask Wendy to be invited if you haven't all ready been...  Looking forward to seeing everyone :)

01/07/15 05:51 AM #48    


Thomas Massey

I am hoping for another reunion soon... even a mini reunion! Sorry I missed you all last September. 

01/07/15 12:35 PM #49    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

We missed you, too!!!

09/27/15 05:27 PM #50    

Mary Ann Johnson (Hidalgo)

Well, I am SO hoping that there is a '40th' Reunion since I am now done with kids having high school events that tread into the plans that I have wanted to make!  LOL

01/28/19 04:05 PM #51    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Just thought I'd stop in...saw Debbie mention it on Facebook. Been a while! Hello all 😊

07/17/19 01:57 PM #52    

Bea Martinez

40th Reunion - Who is attending?  I just scheduled my flight out to San Diego!!!  I hope to see you all there!

07/17/19 05:55 PM #53    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Dang it, Bea! I won't be making it this time 😞 Guess I'll have to head south one of these days to see you. 

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