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11/08/09 07:03 AM #41    

James Reed

It was great to see everyone at the reunion.....
so many of you look the same. has it really been 30 years?
it was fun remembering some of the crazy stuff we did back in the day!
I think we should plan some get togethers more often...
we had a great student body.

p.s. thanks sergio for the fun after party!!!

11/11/09 03:22 PM #42    

Lori Lott (Lumgair)

Was a little disappointed with the survey, was hoping names went with the answers, a little hard to guess who said what.
Sounds like people had fun. I'll be in town for Thanksgiving if anyone wants to say hi. Same old phone # and address.

11/12/09 03:34 PM #43    

Robert Cuevas

I had a great time at the reunion, I talked to a quite a few people and really enjoyed myself. There were a couple of people that I really wanted to talk to but by the time I realized it the night was over. I am still smiling from conversations I had, 30 years goes by quickly. Class of 79' rules!

12/22/09 10:06 AM #44    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you :)

12/23/09 12:53 PM #45    

Brian Carlson (Doig)

Same to you and yours!

01/21/14 01:26 PM #46    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Just stopped by to see what was going on... Howdy all laugh

07/09/14 12:25 PM #47    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Wanted to post on here in hopes that any of you that haven't heard, our 35th reunion is coming up in September!  This will be the first one I have been able to attend, and I am hoping to see many familiar faces...a lot of catching up to do after 35 years, don't you think. Wendy Francis Pecos is handling the arrangements, and doing a fine job, I must say...she has all the info, and there's an event page on Facebook...just ask Wendy to be invited if you haven't all ready been...  Looking forward to seeing everyone :)

01/07/15 05:51 AM #48    


Thomas Massey

I am hoping for another reunion soon... even a mini reunion! Sorry I missed you all last September. 

01/07/15 12:35 PM #49    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

We missed you, too!!!

09/27/15 05:27 PM #50    

Mary Ann Johnson (Hidalgo)

Well, I am SO hoping that there is a '40th' Reunion since I am now done with kids having high school events that tread into the plans that I have wanted to make!  LOL

01/28/19 04:05 PM #51    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Just thought I'd stop in...saw Debbie mention it on Facebook. Been a while! Hello all 😊

07/17/19 01:57 PM #52    

Bea Martinez

40th Reunion - Who is attending?  I just scheduled my flight out to San Diego!!!  I hope to see you all there!

07/17/19 05:55 PM #53    


Belinda Duboski (Underhill)

Dang it, Bea! I won't be making it this time 😞 Guess I'll have to head south one of these days to see you. 

07/18/19 03:11 PM #54    

Bea Martinez

Aw man!  Belinda come on!  😩


08/16/19 07:43 PM #55    

Debbie Soden (Dale)

Message from Reunion Coordinator, Wendy Pecos:

CVHS Class of 1979...tick tock tick tock....2 weeks til the reunion! Get you fees paid! If you are planning on attending, can I get a count on who will be attending...I want to make sure we got everyone covered....

08/17/19 12:38 PM #56    

David Satterlee

Hello Wendy, I click on event details and there's no response, should I mail you a check?

08/17/19 01:39 PM #57    

Wendy Francis (Pecos)

Anyone wishing to avoid the service charge can send me a check.

My address....230 Camino Vista Real

                       Chula Vista, CA 91910


See you soon!


08/19/19 06:53 PM #58    

Debbie Soden (Dale)

Hey All,

There was a problem with the link to pay with credit card that has now been fixed.  If you haven't already, please register or at least let us know that you intend to go so that Wendy has a good head count.



Debbie Dale

08/20/19 03:51 PM #59    

Laurie (Now Lauren) Walden

Planning on attending, but won't be sure until next week.. will register that Friday if I can come. ty!

08/24/19 10:51 PM #60    

Debbie Soden (Dale)

We’re having a Pre reunion informal get together at La Bella’s on Friday August 30th at 6:30. I’ve reserved the banquet room (upstairs in the old La Bella’s). All classes are welcome. Spread the word!

09/01/19 12:24 PM #61    

Debbie Soden (Dale)

The reunion was so much fun last night! Beautiful venue, yummy food, great music and most of all lots of laughs and hugs with friends!

I want to thank Wendy Pecos for all of her hard work planning and executing this and past reunions.  It can be somewhat of a thankless task with everybody’s opinion of dates, venues and even food choices. So, Wendy, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!


09/02/19 12:39 PM #62    

Fred Cowles

What Debbie said times 2!  Wendy, THANK YOU for all the hard work you put in to make this happen.  It was so good to see everyone that attended. 

I'm really beginning to understand that saying about "getting old aint for sissies"...with my early onset OPD (Old Peoples Disease) I'm feeling it more and more as time moves forward.  It's always fun to spin back the clock every once in a while. 

Thank you again Wendy!



09/02/19 02:26 PM #63    

Linda Johansen (Johnson)


Hey y'all....still recovering from the weekend but I did manage to post albums from this weekend onto Facebook!  Send me a friend request if you would like to access on my FB page.  Share with friends who are not on social media!!  It was a wonderful weekend and it was great seeing everyone!!  Go Spartans '79!!    xoxoxox, linda




09/04/19 01:49 PM #64    

Richard Vega

To Wendy Pecos and Debbie (Soden) Dale:

I just wanted to thank both of you for the 40-year, CVHS reunion that you organized on August 31, 2019. I had a good time meeting old friends, and meeting some alumni who I've never met before. Thanks, again... yes

09/28/19 07:21 PM #65    

Linda Johansen (Johnson)




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